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Tanging si Hesus lang ang Nabuhay para mamatay.


Watching The Bible..

Random conversations. Aaahhh I still find myself as one of the luckiest and happiest girlfriend in the entire universe! ♥ Hiii wangkig boyfriend, Iloveyooou =)


Lord you are fearless

you die to save my soul

a heart so selfless

my sins you conquered all

God in your grace now,

oh  i will do the same

To be as fearless

to stand and to proclaim


“Yung taong handang maghintay ng ilang oras para makasama ka kahit ilang minuto lang”

From a 2hour travel then went straight to MD to meet my oh-so-vain boyfriend. Been craving MD’s Milk tea, so he promised to buy me one when I get home. Tadaaah! Kay ipush lage daw namo bahalag gabie nko kauli. Haha. Sweetest! ♥ Loveyou, love!

Touchdown Iligan! :”>

“matagal na kau ng bf mo? first bf mo? :) you're so cute together!”


Hello dearest anon! Kaka-2 months nong 14th. Hihi :’> Are we cute? Naaaks. Thankies! :*

Sometimes all you need, is someone who can make you smile. 😀💞

Sometimes all you need, is someone who can make you smile. 😀💞

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